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Export Financing:

GAS has extensive experience in export financing of all type of aircraft. The common type of financing used in the last decade is based on lease financing whereby the asset guarantees the loan. The government export agencies extend their direct financing or guarantee of loan to commercial banks who fund the loan. In the past thirty years, GAS has helped its customers finance new Boeing jets valued at over two billion dollars.

Fleet Planning:
Analysis of city pair passengers & cargo will result in the selection of type & sizes of the aircraft. GAS can support all kind of airline. 

Aircraft Selection:
One of the result of the fleet planning allows the selection of the right aircraft size to fit the commercial requirements of the airline. Direct cost analysis will determine the best aircraft to fit each type of service.

Manufacturer Assistance:
A team of quality control specialists with over 70 years of experience at various manufacturers, are dedicated to follow the manufacturing of all aircraft models. A bi-weekly report is sent to the customer to keep him/her updated on the manufacturing progress.

Training for both crew and mechanics can be coordinated with the manufacturer or independent training centers in order to qualify them to fly or to maintain aircraft during operation.

Delivery Support:
Aircraft acceptance flight support as well as delivery documentation and negotiation with the manufacturers is made available by a dedicated team with extensive experience.