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GAS team is composed of multilingual and experienced engineers, managers, and marketing professionals with valuable technical, business, and logistics backgrounds within Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Our team has 70 years of experience with government export agencies to assist airlines in choosing the best terms at the lowest cost.

Our specialists are hired based upon their direct working experience with both aircraft manufacturers and operators. They understand the aviation industry and are uniquely qualified to help you to select the right aircraft to suit your requirements.

Our support starts from fleet plan, aircraft selection, cockpit and cabin interior, configuration, financing, manufacturing quality control, initial spares requirements, training, and delivery until aircraft introduction in operation.


Although we are operating in a mechanized high tech industry, we still retain that important human touch, and pride ourselves on our personalized approach to customer services.


Our group is strategically located in the high tech jet city vicinity of Seattle.

Main Contacts:

Mr. Zine A. Badissy, President
Mr. Amine Benkirane, Sales & Customer Service

Our address is:

Global Aviation Support
8920 152nd Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052 USA

Phone: 1. 425. 558. 2778
Fax: 1. 425. 869. 7797